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Fill with over 200 different species of plants
Remove all grass from area 

Each type of plant will flourish in different areas, so there needs to be a large variety of different types of plants. 



Grass-less lawns are an alternative lawn made by using specific mowing tolerant plants.

The plants used are wildlife friendly, providing nectar and pollen for many species of pollinators. At the same time as being extremely low maintenance, requiring only 3-8 cuts a year.


To find the correct mix of plants has taken years of research and these are some of the first lawns of this type in the country to be created.


Please get in contact to ask how we could create a grass-less lawn on your problematic lawn or create a more enviromentally and bee friendly garden! 


Email or Phone anytime for more information. 

Grass is a tricky weed to get rid of. Gardens & Stuff will remove all grass and create an envorimnment perfect for carefully selected plants for the lawn aspect.

Sprinkle some wild flower seeds
Stop all grass by weeding for the first year

Once the plants are established, grass seed can't be blown in - but for the first year it's important to keep on top of it. 

Using native species such as buttercups and daisies create a beautiful flower filled lawn. 


t: 07903433380

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