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New Grassless Lawn being planted up!

After the success of our first large scale grassless lawn, we have now taken the next steps after a year of monitoring the lawn, to create a new grassless (tapestry) lawn. These lawns are an incredible alternative to the monocular grass green lawns. Traditional grass lawns need constant maintenance with mowing and watering in the summer months. These new grassless lawn reduce this maintenance time to actual enjoy the garden. They also look incredible and are great for the bees! They will require minimal watering and weeding and only 3 cuts a year.

They have over 100 different plants, and can suit any aspect as suitable plants will florish in the sun or shade. The overall effect is a tapestry of different couloured leaves throughout the year and multiple flowers from early spring to late autumn. The grass can take light footfall, and there were even a few cheeky wild strawberries.

Here's a picture of our first lawn, 6 months after planting.

If you'd like any more information on these lawns, please get in touch at and I can give you some more details.


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